At All Hands Meeting in Nottingham. It’s changed over the years from a very poor conference when no one had anyhthing to talk about to something more reasonable. Already had a couple of interesting discussions, one of which might help with getting a statistical ontology together for CARMEN.

The talks have been okay, although of widely different quality from the interesting to the inconsequential. One of the big changes this year is that people are spending much more time talking about their science rather than the technology which was used to achieve this. A very good thing, to my mind. It’s important that this work be kepts grounded and if projects can’t get someone to talk about the science then I think that there are problems. Also, you get to hear about some new areas science (crystallography at the moment) which has to be up from 15 talks in a row on "what I did with globus, web services, other buzz word".

Originally published on my old blog site.