Well, I was a little bit worried about my talk, as the last time I tried it, it wasn’t that good. But in the end, it went reasonably well, which was nice.

The Ontogenesis meeting was a good meeting — and only partly because I was enjoying doing research so much. There was lots of discussion on the softer aspects of ontology building. What metadata do we store about ontologies, how do we get information about of domain scientists and so on.

One slightly embarrasing thing happened — Andy Gibson refered to my talk during his, and then asked me a question about it. But I hadn’t been listening, having written email most of the way through his talk. I have a good excuse: first, I’d trieda to rearrange the timetable and that had gone horribly wrong, as none of the students heard about it in time; and second I’d arranged for Keith to cover my practical session, but he ran over a dog and his bike and knocked himself about a bit. Even when I get let out for a bit, it seems teaching still has a hold on my attention.

Originally published on my old blog site.