There was much amusement in the CARMEN project today. The journal Neuroinformatics published what looked like an interesting article on data sharing.

Sadly, however, no one has been able to read it; it’s a Springer article and none of us can read it because it’s closed access and $32 to look at. A strange and ironic reflection on the state of data sharing.

Perhaps, is what the paper says. Data is Mine!


Immediately after posting this, I started writing some lecture notes. I have so far copied images of Northerns, Westerns and several kinds of immunofluorescence straight of the web, all legal, all thanks to the wonders of PLoS. It’s even easy to attribute them because they have given all of the figures individual DOIs. Working in neuroinformatics is interesting and exciting, but it also helps to remind me how wonderful bioinformatics it is.

Originally published on my old blog site.