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Went to the Cafe de Vie for lunch today. It’s quite nice inside, although would be better without the music. The menu was okay, rather than inspired: it’s basically posh sarnies, italian style, served by the French. The food looked okay on the counter.

Their service was interesting: the heated food (toasted sandwiches, sorry panini’s) was very slow to come. When it did come, the waitress described it in French, and seemed genuinely surprised to be answered in English. Everyone else got their food, but mine never appeared. I went and asked; they had forgotten.

So, no idea at all what the food is like, but I can say that it did offer a genuine and authentic French experience.

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In the shop today, I noticed that they had some frozen soy beans. So, I thought I would give them a go. I’ve always been a fan of edamame that you get in Japanese food shops, so I decided to try and replicate it. Sort of. The beans were not in pods and I don’t have a steamer.

In the end, I boiled them with some fresh garlic that I had, strained, the water of, tossed them with chilli olive oil and soy sauce (heat and salt), strained the excess and eat them. Nice actually. Needed a bit more than the 4 minutes simmer the packet said, so I ended up giving them a quick microwave.

Not bad, although not exactly refined. I need to work on this one.

The rest of the mean was dry, curried tofu and chickpeas, a spinach curry and rice. Done this many times before. I need to do it more often, not least as I appear to have 3 kilos of spinach in my freezer.

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Tried a new technique last night; basically, I just slow, shallow fried large lumbs of tofu. After a while, once they had sealed, I threw in some cayenne, garlic and, then, some Udon noodles with a bit of stock to let them cook.

Worked pretty well, as it happens. Took ages, as you’d expect from a bit lump of tofu, but required little effort.

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Did a Spicy Tofu in Pitta as Simon and Rina were coming up. I thought they might be late, and we’d be in a hurry (they were, we were), so I wanted something easy to eat of the move.

This is incredible simple. I cut the tofu into blocks about 1cm x 1cm x 2cm. This goes into a frying pan with some rice vinegar, soy, and chilli sauce. This is all fried in, on a low heat for, well as long as you can be bothered to wait. Within reason, the longer the better, but an hour is a reasonable time. This is then served in pitta with salad. I added some felalal as wel, as I had it in the freezer.

We only had time for a quick bite each. However, we left the gig at 11 and the curse of Newcastle hit us, with all the food places closed and we scoffed the rest when we got back.

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I tried a new tofu dish last night. Very simple. I boiled the tofu in a frying pan with a stock made from some tamarind stock cubes, oxo veggie cubes and some garlic flakes, flavoured with cumin and MSG. I also added some rice vinegar which turned out to be a mistake as it was far too sour — in the end, it needed sugar to perk it up. Anyway, after boiling the tofu and reducing the stock somewhat on the hob, I toasted the top under the grill. Then, finally, returned it to the hob, added a little water to dilute the stock again, and sprinkled on raw garlic and onion. Left this for a few minutes till the onion was soft, and eat with ramen noodles.

Worked quite well, in general. As is my usual practice, I’ll probably do the same dish again tonight, while it’s still fresh in my mind.

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Tried a garlic broth this week, with garlic flakes. Think that this was a mistake; a couple of bulbs of garlic would have been better. Essentially, I fried lots of garlic for a while with a some onion and then some stock. Then added tofu, potato and udon noodles.

The taste was fairly good, although it didn’t keep that well. The main problem was the colour; it was pretty palid looking and would have been better with, say, lots of soy in the broth base.

I will work on this; I like the concept of garlic as a main ingredient rather than a garnish.

Originally published on my old blog site.