Lentic is an Emacs mode which supports multiple views over the same text. This can be used for a form of literate programming. It has specific support for Clojure which it can combine with either LaTeX, Asciidoc or Org-Mode.

Two lentic buffers, by default, the two share content but are otherwise independent. Therefore, you can have two buffers open, each showing the content in different modes; to switch modes, you simply switch buffers. The content, location of point, and view are shared.

However, lentic also allows a bi-directional transformation between lentic buffers — the buffers can have different but related text. This allows, for example, one buffer to contain an Emacs lisp file, while the other contains the same text but with “;;” comment characters removed leaving the content in org-mode, enabling a form of literate Emacs-Lisp programming with no change to either org-mode or Emacs-Lisp. Ready made transformations are also available for Clojure, latex and asciidoc.

Lentic is both configurable and extensible, using the EIEIO object system.

Lentic was previously known as Linked-Buffers.

The 0.7 release adds an integrated documentation system, support for Haskell, LaTeX literate programming and best of all, a ROT-13 transformation.

Available on MELPA-stable, MELPA and Marmalade https://github.com/phillord/lentic


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