Extending the Process

After a reasonably long hiatus, I have started to work on the Process Knowledgeblog again. Particularly with the creation of kblog-metadata [1], the need for more documentation was pressing, and the process kblog seems the obvious place to put it; putting full documentation in the plugin “readme” file is a little painful and hard to debug.

As with all articles on a kblog, these will not be changed or updated, except for non-semantic error correction. Rather, I will add new articles outdating existing ones, maintaining a full record of what has happened before. I’ve also started to take advantage of a feature of kblogs that we have explored with Ontogenesis [2]; we do not have to wait for all the documentation to be ready before releasing any. New articles will appear on Process as they are written.

Currently, I have articles on the use of widgets [3], how to cite a URL [4] and adding multiple authors [5]. Feedback is welcome.


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